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Corruption Audio Mockumentary

Towson University: Audio Production 2 Final Project
December 13, 2019

Corruption is an audio *mock*umentary I created for my Audio Production 2 class at Towson University. I used various recording techniques to record interviews, narration and even live piano. All of the music in the piece was original aside from the news intros which I got from Soundly. I also mixed the entire piece and added various sound effects and ambiences throughout the project.

A little bit about me

Marcel Negrete is a Music Composer, Producer and Sound Designer based in Austin, Texas who has been writing, producing and playing his own music for over 10 years.

Along with his college studies, Marcel has worked on an assortment of assigned and extracurricular projects that include recording and mixing bands, creating an audio documentary and composing music for short films.

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